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Blue's Mini Splits offers mini split and heat pump repair in Dover, NH and all surrounding areas

A faulty HVAC system can create a serious problem in your home or business facility. During the winter, temperatures will drop to freezing temperatures. This could cause pipes to burst, leading to unexpected home repair costs. In the summer, between the heat and humidity, it can become unbearable. Yearly maintenance servicing by our technicians can help avoid most issues, but not all. When the unforeseeable issues arise, Blue's should be the call you make. As part of our HVAC repair service, we'll troubleshoot and repair your system using the newest technology available. This allows for a faster and more accurate diagnosis of your system. Not only saving you money, but shortening the time your HVAC is inoperable.

In order to try and avoid future issues customers should set up a yearly maintenance of their HVAC system. Yearly maintenance can not only extend the life of your system, but allow our technicians to catch any possible future issues and correct them before it causes an emergency situation.

When should you contact a technician?

When should you contact a technician?

Our HVAC service technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair your system using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

You should contact an HVAC technician if...

  • The rooms in your home are different temperatures.
  • Energy costs are higher than normal.
  • Strange noises are coming from your unit.
  • Condenser working but system not cooling/heating (splits).
  • Burning through Oil/Gas faster than usual.
  • System cycles on and off consistently upon start up.

These are signs of a larger problem with your HVAC.

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